User Instruction

Universal Card is a kind of “one-SIM-multi-number” value-added service that provided by Sim2Travel, and CHT is our exclusive agent in Taiwan. You just need with one handset, one Universal Card SIM card, then you can enjoy voice and mobile data favourable service while roaming to Universal Card service countries, to save around 30~70% roaming fee in average. If you have subscribed permanent numbers in any of Universal Card service countries, then you will be able to receive the calls to those numbers while you back to Taiwan, so will never miss your business opportunities.
“Universal Card Service Country” is Telco operator in different countries who join Sim2Travel initiated Blue Ocean Alliance® to provide mutual favourable service. After you subscribed Universal Card service, you can have local number in all Universal Card service countries and enjoy favourable roaming rate.
Currently the following countries have been provided local number:China(CMCC), Hong Kong(CMHK), Indonesia(Indosat), Macau(CTM), Singapore(StarHub) and Thailand(AWN).
In addition, we also offer favourable roaming rate for using your Hong Kong number roaming to Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India ,Japan, Malaysia, Russia, South Korea, UK, USA, etc. For the details of rate plan, please refer to Universal Card Rate.
  1. CHT service counter shall give you a new SIM card, please insert the SIM card to your handset as you did for any SIM card, and then power on your handset.
  2. Usually within one hour, you will receive a SMS notification with your Hong Kong number after service has been successfully activated.
  3. If you have applied any permanent number in other countries, you will receive separated SMS to notify your local number as well upon the process has completed.
  4. If you did not apply permanent number in specific countries, our system will send you a welcome SMS with your temporary number after you power on your handset after landing.
  5. Currently we provide permanent number in Hong Kong (default number), China, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.
Both of Permanent Number and Temporary Number can enjoy the same favourable rates. However, we will not provide call forwarding service after you left that country for Temporary Number. In addition, the Temporary Number might be different in every trip to that country.
Basic monthly fee is NT$50, plus NT$50 per month per permanent number subscribed.
Universal Card service does not require a committed contract to be signed.
Sure you can always receive the calls, and the charge will be at 30%~70% saving in average than regular roaming.
For the details of rate plan, please refer to Universal Card Rate.
Sure, you can. Universal Card service will let caller and callee both enjoy the advantage of convenience and favourable rates.
  1. Who need to travel to other countries frequently. Scenario: You don’t need to subscribe or buy local SIM card, by Universal Card provided local numbers, you can keep seamless connection with local and home countries wherever you are. In the meantime you can save high roaming fee.
  2. Even though you don’t need to travel, you still can give local number to your customers to call you easily.
    • Finance Commissioner: Let VIP call to your local numbers while they are abroad, and you can answer it in Taiwan, provide financing service in time and save VIP ‘s cost and troublesome to call you abroad.
    • International e-commerce vendor: you can publish your local number for local service, to give customer higher confidence to make a deal.
    • Company local service number: In the initial stage of developing an international market, before you settle down to register a local company, rent office, hire employees, subscribe telephony service, etc., you can use Universal Card’s local number as your service number, to let customer reach you easily, to facilitate your local market development.
  1. For personal: Please take along two photo IDs and visit CHT point of saleto subscribe.
  2. For the nationality:
    (1)Primary ID: national ID
    (2)secondary ID: Health Insurance Card, Driver License and Passport.

    For foreigner:
    (1) Primary ID: Passport or Residential Permission
    (2) secondary ID: Residential Permission, Health Insurance Card, Driver License.

  3. For enterprise: Please take along the following certificates and visit CHT point of sale, or contact your CHT account manager to subscribe:

    (1) Company Registration Certificate
    (2) Rep.’s national ID
    (3) Company and Rep.’s seal
    (4) Agent’s two photo ID (original)


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