Service and Charging

When you go abroad, the available service types and charging patterns are as following table according to service types:
Voice ● Making/Receiving Local Calls
● Making/Receiving Calls from Taiwan
● Making/Receiving International Calls
E.g: Mainland China:
SMS ● Receiving SMS
● Sending SMS to Taiwan
● Sending SMS to Other Countries
E.g: Mainland China:
Receiving SMS: Free
Sending SMS to Taiwan: NT$3.8/SMS
Sending SMS to Other Countries: NT$5.94/SMS
Data ● Charged by Day Cap
● Charged by Monthly fee
● Charged by Fixed Volume
● Charged by Actual Used
●Charged by Day Cap (NT$), as long as you have enabled UC data service, you are entitled to enjoy Day Cap program automatically (no need to apply separately per trip):
Canada $298, China $298, Hong Kong $298, Indonesia $298, Japan $298, Malaysia$298, South Korea $298, Thailand$298, USA$298, Macau $388, Russia$399, Australia $588
●Charged by Monthly fee:Hong Kong package NT$599; Hong Kong + China package NT$999; Multi-Country Data Monthly Package NT$2,688
●Charged by Fixed Volume: USA $1,599 for 1.5GB and 300-minute local call with 15 days.
●Charged by Actual Used:Other countries that don’t have any above programs.


When you are in Taiwan:
Voice ● Receiving Calls to Local Number in Other Countries E.g: Mainland China:
Receiving calls calling to your China number: NT$5.99/minute
SMS ● Receiving SMS to Local Number in Other Countries E.g: Mainland China:
Receiving SMS sending to your China number: Free


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