• Monthly Fee: NT$50 (including Hong Kong permanent number)
  • Permanent Numbers per country: NT$50/country (China/Singapore/Thailand/Indonesia)
  • SIM card & setup fee: NT$150(original price is NT$450)
  • Setup fee after the 2nd applicataion if ever cancelled Universal Card service: NT$150/per application
  • Service Change Fee: NT$200/per item
  • SIM card Fee: NT$300/SIM
  • Number User Authentication Fee: NT$200/per item
  • Note:
  1. Blue Ocean Alliance countries of Universal Card (with local number):Currently including China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.
  2. Favourable rates provided in Japan, South Korea, USA, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Brazil, India, Russia, Australia and Malaysia.(roaming with Hong Kong number; without local number)
  3. The rate of receiving a call from your another country's number is :local airtime + IDD transit; i.e., If you received a call to your Taiwan number while you are in HK, the per minute rate is :Local Airtime in HK + IDD transit (from Taiwan to HK)= NT$ 3.43/min + 5.66/min = NT$ 9.09/min.
  4. One-time charge (SIM change, service change fees and set-up fee, etc.) is not refundable.
  5. The toll free calls will be charged at local or IDD rate when you are roaming in Universal Card service country.
  6. Universal Card does not support sending short code or reply verification SMS from service countries.
  7. The call back function of international calls is subject to your handset models.
  8. Unreachable Call will not be charged.
  9. Due to the fluctuation of currency exchange rate, the rate table may be changeed without prior notice.
  10. In addition to forwarding fee, there will be a romaing charge of receiving calls that was forwarded from your local numbers when you are using CHT normal roaming.
  11. Voice call is charged by minute. Data usage is charged by KB or 10KB.
  12. Day cap of data usage is accumulated based on the data consumed during 00:00:00 to 23:59:59, Taiwan Time.
  13. Round trip in different countries on the same day, such as between Hong Kong and China, or Macau and China, Day cap of data usage will be accumulated by operators. Somewhere in between (neighborhood of border), such as between Macau and Zhuhai, it's recommanded to select mobile operator manually to be [CMCC] or [CTM] to avoid receiving the signal of the other one and being charged by different day cap.
  14. Your Universal Card service charge will be billed by CHT billing cycle, however Sim2Travel/Universal Card service may adjust it when necessary.
  15. International roaming rates will be subjected to change roaming partners without prior notice. Please refer to Sim2travel/Universal Card service website for the most updated tariffs.
  16. Please be noted that international call via call back is not available in Zhangjiajie, Feng Huang City, Dunhuang, Huanglong Plateau of China as local switches do not support. If you need make international call in these areas, please switch to CHT normal roaming mode to call(switch back to Universal Card service mode after international calls end). Calling to local and receiving call in these areas is available. Please contact: +86-139-1048-4090 for any queries.
  17. When you send SMS to local number in China, the receiver will see your Hong Kong number.
  18. In Hong Kong, if you want to use Wi-Fi only, please do turn off mobile data function on your handset to avoid connecting to mobile internet and cause data charge.
  19. Above rate is effective from 2018/02/01.

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